Kiddies Putonghua Certificate in Communication (KPCC) Class (N-K3/P1-P3+; 2 ~ 8+ years old)

KPCC is a professionally designed Putonghua learning program for children between the age 3 to 6.

The course covers a range of areas, from vocabulary and sentence building to oral practice and story reading as well as some poetry and reading. It helps to enhance children’s confidence in using Putonghua, enabling children to incorporate the language into their daily life with ease. Learning Putonghua will also improve children’s writing in Chinese, as well as help to lay a good foundation for future use of Putonghua during Chinese lessons.

Topics are related to daily usage with various interesting themes – children will find themselves enjoying their theme-based lessons that include fun activities such as oral discussion, story reading, singing, interactive games and activities, and arts & crafts.

After completing the course, children are able to take the KPCC examination which being offered by the China Artist Association.

Completion of the programme
Upon the completion of the programme, graduates will obtain:
  • A graduation report
  • A chance to attend the KPCC test
  • A Certification of completion

Time: Fri 3:45; or your preferred time
Duration: 1 hour / lesson
No. of Students: 6 - 8 students
Feee: Trial $210; 12 lessons $2,520 (2 semesters; 12 lessons / semester)

幼兒普通話水平測試 (KPCC) 班 (N-K3/P1-P3+; 2  8+ 歲)

  • 幫助學生瞭解自己的普通話水平
  • 瞭解在普通話學習方面的不足
  • 不斷提昇自己的普通話水平
  • 「KPCC幼兒普通話水平測試」的特點:
  • 對象為幼稚園學生,從Nursery至K3均可以參加
  • 測試涵蓋普通話聆聽、會話和朗讀等方面
  • 以圖像和聲音作為試題,減少文字憑藉的部分
  • 要求考生「表達流暢,語調自然」為測試目的
  • 為全港首個幼兒普通話語言能力的認證標準

  • 畢業報告
  • 經本中心報考KPCC公開試
  • 完成課程證書

時間: 五 3:45; 或自選時間
時長: 1 小時 / 堂
人數: 6 - 8 人
學費: 試堂 $210; 12堂 $2,520 (上下學期; 每期12堂)

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