Trilingual Pre-nursery/Pre-school Class (1.5 ~ 3 years old)

Through social interaction and structural learning, the children in the Pre-nursery class are encouraged to learn, and familiarize themselves with simple concepts, and multiple languages. The goal of the course is to provide children with the skills to progress in their learning, while understanding basic social dynamics.
  • We use fun and interactive communicative activities such as games, songs, chants and stories.
  • Children engage in structured and free play activities to help language develop naturally.
  • Our lessons are theme-based and we nurture reading and communication through a range of theme-related fiction and non-fiction books as well as related art and crafts activities.
  • Children have one-to-one time with the teacher and group time with classmates. One-to-one time gives the teacher a chance to work on each child’s language development individually. Group time encourages development of social skills such as sharing, turn-taking and working with others.
  • Our varied classroom activities support personal, social and emotional development, physical development, problem solving, reasoning and numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world and creative development.

Time: Mon to Thu 10:00 (English); Wed to Fri 10:00 (Cantonese); Wed to Fri 10:00 (Putonghua); or your prefered time; one to five sessions per week; free combination of English / Cantonese / Putonghua sections
Duratoin: 2 hours / section
No. of Students: 6 - 8 students
Fee: Trial $300; two sections per week $2,440 (around $122 / hour); three sections per week $3,120 (around $104 / hour); four sections per week $3,840 (around $96 / hour); five sections per week $4,200 (around $84 / section)

兩文三語學前預備班 (1.5  3 歲)

  • 我們會以有趣及互動的活動教學,如手工藝、遊戲、歌曲和歌謠等
  • 課程活動及遊戲由導師悉心編排,讓孩子在自然輕鬆的氛圍中掌握運用英語的技巧
  • 課程圍繞不同的主題,並配合一系列與主題有關的小說和非小說類讀物,以及手工藝活動,培養孩子的閱讀及溝通技巧
  • 孩子於課堂時均有單獨與導師及群體學習的機會,導師會在一對一的學習時間為每位孩子提供個別的學習建議,而小組活動則鼓勵孩子建立社交技巧,學習與同學分享、輪流及與人合作
  • 多元化的課堂活動旨在加強孩子個人、社交和身心的發展,同時亦可透過不同的題材培養他們解決困難、推理和計算的能力,加強對身邊事物的理解及發展創意思維。

時間: 一至四 10:00 (英); 三至五 10:00 (粵); 一、二、五 10:00 (普); 或自選時間; 每周一至五節; 英/粵/普可自由組合
時長: 2 小時 / 節
人數: 6 - 8 人
學費: 試堂 $300; 每週兩節 $2,440 (約 $122 / 小時); 每週三節 $3,120 (約 $104 / 小時); 每週四節 $3,840 (約 $96 / 小時); 每週五節 $4,200 (約 $84 / 小時)

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